Tuesday, September 13, 2016

No Lock Keeper At Hurleston Locks

Looking down the Hurleston Locks
A walk this morning to Hurleston, first of all we filled the water tank and emptied the cassettes knowing there will be  nowhere until we got to Wheelock to do the cassettes. Rubbish got rid off but no recycling facilities at Hurleston. Today the boaters were left to look after themselves as there wasn't a lock keeper on duty unless he had gone to lunch at 12 o'clock.  We expected and found low pounds  with several boats waiting in pounds to come up, rather than a one up one down system which saves the water in the pounds. In one pound there was an underwater obstruction which caused the boat to lose steering and veer across the pound. Luckily no damage was done.

In the bottom pound to Lock 1
We met happy chatty boaters and a few with their noses in the air who didn't want to even answer a hello or good morning, I suppose it takes all sorts. We are happy to be out on our boat. At the bottom of the locks we turned left and headed towards Barbridge Junction, our destination above the  Cholmondeston Lock........yes I did have to look how to spell it. Moored up just before very heavy rain too........hope it doesn't thunder! If it does Ben will be hiding.

A left turn towards Barbridge

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