Saturday, September 17, 2016

From Middlewich Onwards

Past Wheelock is Lock 66

Changing places in the pound
Yesterday we left our noisy mooring (I didn't get much sleep) at King's Lock and headed towards Sandbach where our boat was fitted out canalside January we'll have been afloat for  ten years. No sign of boat building there now it's all moved to Middlewich Canal Centre. Just four rather heavy locks to work through and a cruise  to Wheelock where we moored up.

Today we started up 'Heartbreak Hill' and it took us three and a half hours to work through twelve heavy locks. Not bad really when you think we had to turn a lock when both of the duplicate locks were full. We swapped places for the last four locks at Hassall Green, Eric did the locks while I became the steerer mainly because I was tired.  The M6 Motorway crosses the Trent and Mersey Canal at Hassall side was very slow moving......I'd rather be boating.

Finally we moored up above Pierpoint Locks alongside a nicely cut piece of towpath. We had to use the pins so the ducks came out to warn towpath users.

The ducks came out today (made by Nick & Liz)

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