Friday, September 09, 2016

Looking After Lila

We've been in  Newport looking after daughter Lisa's mad dog Lila. She's a Sprocker which is a Cocker/ Springer cross, lovely natured dog but pulls on a lead. I think my arms have lengthened in the last ten days! Ben and her get on fine although she would love him to play with her, he's just not interested.  

Today we came back to the boat and Ben the dog is now fast asleep, he's had a busy time in Newport. We've done lots of dog walking and Lila has had plenty of swimming opportunities. At Cwmbran Boating Lake she loved the river but we played safe and let her swim on the end of Ben's long lead. Ben only got his toes wet.

Lisa and Gwen had been on holiday and returned on Wednesday nice and brown. On Thursday we left Newport to return to Whixall and arrived back with washing to do. That's done now so just a case of food shopping and we'll be on our way on Saturday. Our next cruise is the Four Counties Ring in a clockwise direction and we're in no rush as we haven't any commitments for a month or so. Fingers crossed all goes well.

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