Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Going Down Stoke Locks To Barlaston

Leaving Westport Lake Visiting Moorings
We decided to stay put on Tuesday in the lovely moorings at Westport Lake. I had washing to do and once all the other moorers had departed I ran to engine with Travel Power to run the washing machine. The drier took an age but the batteries had a good charge too. Eric and I had a pleasant walk around the lake with Ben the dog. It's well used by the community all day long.

A bottle kiln on a derelict site
We set off this morning, one of the last to leave as usual. Ben and I walked for a while until we pulled over at Longport Wharf to get diesel. We had Stoke locks to do today taking us to Barlaston . Although the gates were heavy the paddles weren't bad and we were lucky to have a couple of boats coming up the locks as we went down.

Passing in the pound below Stoke Top Lock

Ben tied up waiting while I did the gates and paddles

New housing but a pair of bottle kilns remain- they need weeding!

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