Friday, September 30, 2016

Brewood To GoldStone Wharf

Up and away on Wednesday towards Brewood where we didn't stop to shop this time as we had plenty of supplies until we reached Gnosall (prounounced knowsall). Lovely cruising with long straights and embanments although the cuttings were muddy underfoot. Just one lock to work though at Wheaton Aston and then water tank topped up, cassettes emptied and rubbish disposed of including recycling. On our way again stopping at Gnosall Heath to moor after the water point as we didn't want overhead trees making it dark inside the boat and overhead crows making a mess on the roof.

On Thursday morning we  popped to the 'Bakery' not far down the road from 'The Boat' pub.They sell very nice Cornish style pasties as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and bread. Shopping done we cruised the mile and a half to Norbury Junction where we made our next stop. Eric had some maintenance to do as the sealant  underneath the rear hatch was letting in water. The hatch is very heavy so it took two of us to move it out of the way to do the job. A quiet night followed with the only noise being the freezer thermostat cutting in and out under the bed. I certainly wouldn't have it there  if I'd thought about it when the boat was fitted out.

On Friday morning we filled up with fuel  at Norbury Wharf,   before  I set off walking with Ben the dog getting back onboard before we reached the muddy section in Grub Street Cutting.  Passing through Bridge 39 with the tiny telegraph pole a survivor from a bygone age. Lots of moored boats  which made it very slow cruising  but the views across to the Wrekin were amazing. Pulling in at the empty Goldstone Wharf we moored up and then it started to rain but it didn't last long.

The much photographed bridge with the short telegraph pole.


Halfie said...

Many people fill up at Turner's in Wheaton Aston as it is reckoned to be one of the cheapest on the waterways.

Elsie said...

Hi, There was a queue at Turner's and there wasn't much difference in the price....59p at Norbury Wharf, Elsie