Friday, September 23, 2016

Back On The Staffs And Worcester Canal

Going through Stone

We started off at Barlaston leaving later after most of the boats had already moved on. It took three and a half hours to get down the eight locks to Stone with a stop to use the elsan and waterpoints on the way.  We were hopeful of finding a mooring space but there wasn't a gap big enough for our boat so we tried further on but couldn't get into the side. So we didn't get to do a little shopping and Eric didn't get his haircut. We continued as far as the moorings above Aston Lock and pulled in a nice space for the night. 

In the morning we continued on our way down Aston Lock with Ben and I enjoying a morning walk, getting back on the boat after a couple of miles Lots of wasps about but they didn't bother with us thank goodness.  We were lucky today with approaching boats meaning we didn't have to close the gates when we continued on our way. 

At Great Haywood we pulled into the services as we needed to top up the water tank and buy a bottle of gas. I  popped to the Farm Shop for some milk and cake, while Eric was busy with the boat. It became a bit chaotic at the junction with Anglowelsh hireboats leaving the base, I popped up on the bridge to tell Eric when it was safe to turn right onto the Staffs and Worcester Canal.

We pulled in to moor up at Tixall Wide, one of our favourite places. Hello to the crew of NB Leo who passed us by, telling us they read my blog.

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