Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Back On The Shroppie

Two locks up we were at  Gailey Lock next to it's much photographed round house which is a gift shop. Time to top up the water tank after doing the washing yesterday and room to do it on the water point. Then were on our way stopping at a little spot near Moat House Bridge for a very quiet night. It rained as we cruised but with our wet gear on we didn't mind. Ben had a rub down with a towel to dry him off after our walk in the rain.

Today it was a dry cruise continuing on our way through the narrow cutting leading to Autherley Junction. Today we turned right through the stop lock and  we were back on the Shroppie (SUC), one of our favourite canals.  Eric slipped in the mud at the waterpoint and  was covered in mud......he's OK.....but more washing! We moored up after Bridge 7  on the nearly empty  visitor moorings. Eric took a photograph of the amazing sky. 

The sunset near Brewood (photo by Eric Fletcher)

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