Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Whixall Swan Family

Whixall's swan family

We moved onto Ellesmere on Thursday and moored up before the turnoff for the arm, plenty of room there on a Thursday. One very speedy boat came past with waves with no thoughts of slowing down for moored boats and we had to go out and retie the boat. A few minutes he went past going the other way and we had to retie the boat again. Yes I did shout at him but it made no difference! The boat was from Anglowelsh at Trevor.....should have noted its name and complained!

We had a quiet night and left on Friday morning to cruise back to Whixall, pleasant too as there were only a few boats on the move. Just one lift bridge to do on the Prees Branch and we were back home again to windy Whixall. The swan family are doing well with their nine cygnets.

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