Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On Our Way Back To Base

Moored at New Marton

The water levels were back up Monday morning at Llangollen and the weather was much better.  We didn't get far walking the dog, Ben hates the steam whistle of the trains but we only had one toot while we were out. I popped into Wrexham to get a haircut and do a little bit of shopping while Eric had a lazy afternoon with Ben the dog.

Lots of boats on the move but we'd paid for two nights  mooring. We made use of the electric using the washing machine. Loads of room to moor  over the weekend but it fills up in the week.

On Tuesday   we were on the move, Ben and I walking the narrows while Eric waited  for the phone call.....hoping for a signal. I couldn't get him so told the last boat through to pass on the was our turn to go. At the right  turn onto the aqueduct the way was clear to go straight across.  

We moored up near Chirk Marina for an overnight stop and this morning we were on our way when there a lull in the boats going past. Ben and I walked as far as Chirk Tunnel getting onboard to follow a boat through the tunnel and across the Chirk Aqueduct back to England.

Progress was really slow following a convey of boats.  The day hire boats left us at Poachers' and a few more boats stopped for lunch a bit further on,  but there was still six ahead of us at New Marton Locks.  Finally through we moored up below the locks. An amazing sunset later on......Eric took the photographs.

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