Friday, August 19, 2016

After The Heat I Don't Mind The Rain

After a sweltering week or so, the rain this morning was a bit of a relief for me. Even the boat freezer struggled with the heat and no doubt happier now it's cooler. The new domestic battery isolator solved the problem of low battery voltage at the freezer too.

Back in the marina on Tuesday after a busy week in Newport. The air conditioning in the car was great keeping us cool on our three hour trip back. We stopped at the arboretum near Hereford for a toilet break, a cuppa and a walk amongst the amazing trees. They've introduced parking fees but you pay just £1 for a short stay, long enough for our needs.

The interior of the boat was 90 degrees F/ 30 degrees C when we got back but cooled down a bit when we opened all the doors and windows. We unpacked and had some food and then I took two machine fulls of washing over to the laundry. Two hours later it was washed, dried and folded .......ironing only done if really necessary!

On Wednesday we went by car to Ellesmere to stock up with food. Fridge, freezer and cupboard now full.....cruising was planned for Thursday. So yesterday we cruised as far as Ellesmere, it was cooler moving than we'd been on the mooring in the marina. Lots of boats on the move they must have all left Ellesmere so we could find a spot at the top of the Ellesmere Arm and moored up.  We must have timed it right because very soon there wasn't a space to be had.

A quiet night, a lot of the boats stopped and shopped and then went.....perhaps they had heard the weather forecast for today......rain, rain and more rain.

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