Saturday, July 02, 2016

Whixall To Grindley Brooke .....Ten Locks To Wrenbury

On Friday we left Whixall Marina behind and had plenty of arm exercises winding up the six lift bridges, one less as Stark's Bridge is still not there. The cheek of some people, I opened the Whitchurch Lift Bridge and a boat came through forcing us backwards out of his way! The moorings were full at Whitchurch so we continued on our way to moor above Grindley Brooke where there was just one moored up. Later it filled up.

Today we worked through Grindley Brooke with the help of the volunteer lock keeper, taking under an hour to do the six locks. The other locks were fine although we had a problem with the top gate at Quoisely Lock as it wouldn't open, we managed it eventually by rocking it back and for, you could feel something underneath it. We had been warned about it by another couple who had contacted CaRT. We had a lot of trouble closing it too. Hopefully it'll be sorted by the time we come back.

Coming into Wrenbury the Liftbridge at the garden centre was down which surprised us as it's usually permanently up. As I walked up to it a man from the garden centre walked across it and then put it back up, he'd been doing some maintenance on a field gateWe're moored at Wrenbury, Sunday Lunch is planned for tomorrow at  'The Cotton Arms'.

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