Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Middlewich To Whixall Marina

After a quiet night in Middlewich we made our way to Barbridge Junction and turned  left. Just two deep locks to work through, a few queues but some help at locks was appreciated. If there's a queue I usually go up to help and find when it's our turn  there's no one helping.....just standing holding their boats rope. At  one lock on the Llangollen it took three people to hold their boat while one had a windlass. I helped them through as two  youngsters held the boat with ropes as the water level up. I was speechless when they said you can push it now.......while they stood and watched. After the lock they stopped for lunch.

A right turn at Hurleston  Junction and we were off up the locks as no boats were waiting. The volunteer  lock keeper came down and set the locks ahead of us telling us we were the first boat he'd seen for nearly three hours. We used the services and moored up on Friday night at Bridge 5.

On Saturday we made our way to Wrenbury, it stayed dry while Ben and I had a walk to Swanley Locks. Two locks at Swanley and three at Baddiley and just two lift bridges and we were moored up after the electric lift bridge. In the morning we found the back of the boat was covered in bird poo so we moved along so we weren't under any overhanging trees.

We stayed put on Sunday with the British Grand Prix and the Euro Football Final on the tv. I had a good read as I'm not  interested in watching sport. Lunch was a paella from Tesco's finest range ( very nice too) as the motor racing was on at lunch time. Ben and I had a walk up to Marbury Lock and back.

Monday morning came  and we decided to get above Grindley Brooke Locks. Very quiet with few boats about, just one ahead of us so we had to turn the locks. At Grindley Brooke we had to wait as three boats were on their way down. The lady lock keeper  helped us through before she went for a late lunch...it was three o'clock.  We found a space past two hire boats moored on the water point,  perhaps nobody told the Norwegian crews the rules.

Today...it's Tuesday we made very slow progress following a slow boat to Chirk We took it turns to do the lift bridges and finally we were ahead of them. At the lift bridge by the old scrap yard I put the bridge up and let three boats through before Eric went through with our boat. Not far to go then, a left turn down the Prees Branch and one more lift bridge  and we were home.

Soon we had the boat attached to the shoreline and the washer in the laundrette was doing a load of washing. We have free laundry washing and drying tokens (52 of each a year) as one of the perks of our residential mooring. We also have a storage box and a post box.!  Still residential  and leisure spaces if you're looking for a new home mooring away from it all.


Halfie said...

We moored on the towpath at the marina last night. I knocked on your boat this morning but no-one was in.

Elsie said...

Sorry to miss you but we're in south Wales at the moment visiting family. Enjoy your cruising Elsie & Eric