Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In Sunny Newport

After a leisurely week back in Whixall Marina it was time to go to Newport with doctor's, dentist's and optician's appointments all arranged.  We also had two days on nanny duties looking after our 8 year grandaughter. We're staying with our daughter Clare's  and her husband  Ben,  thanks for letting us stay. Ben the dog and Poppy were delighted to see each other if the noises was anything to go by.

On Monday we had our eyes checked, my prescription hadn't changed in four years but Eric's had. I needed a change of frames though. After waiting three weeks to get an appointment  in Wrexham which were cancelled  on the day, it was much easier getting appointments in Newport. I rang on Friday and had an appointment booked for Monday afternoon. It was lovely and cool in Specsaver's with the air-con but extremely hot with the outside temperature in the shade reading 28 degrees C. It didn't cool down much in the night either.

Another hot day on Tuesday, we had checkups at the dentist, rather odd we both needed fillings in the same toth. The dentist had a cancellation so both of us had our fillings done so we dont't need to make an appointment to come back for the dentist.  The dog didn't get much of a was just too hot. Another hot night too with all the windows open upstairs.

Today (Wednesday) we had  Gwen for the day. Firstly we took  Ben for a walk around the lake at Tredegar House enjoying the shade of the big trees as we walked.  We didn't stay out in the sun long heading to the Brewhouse Cafe for an ice cream at one of their dog friendly tables. Next we went shopping for a picnic lunch at our daughter Sally's new house. Two  and a half year old grandaughter Scarlet had decided she didn't want a nappy and chose pink pants instead........the only clothes she had on. Gwen and Scarlet had a lovely time giving her mum and us a break.

We took a trip back in time going across Newport Transporter Bridge which is open for the Summer months. Dearer now too it cost £1 for adults and 50p for children rather than pence. The ticket collector took a photo  of the three of us but blogger won't let me post it today using my tablet but the lap top worked.

All smiles for our Transporter Bridge trip

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