Thursday, July 07, 2016

Highly Recommended King's Lock Chandlery

This morning we dropped down Wardle Lock, we missed Maureen helping us as the paddles were unbelievaby stiff.  A memorial  plaque to her is there giving some details of the life of a remarkable lady.

We moored up alongside King's Lock Chandlery as they were supplying and fitting a Webasco diesel heater. I was wondering  how they'd do it and was pleased to see all traces of the Mikuni were removed. The Webasco was fitted with  new fuel pipes and filter, new wiring loom and a new exhaust system, as well as new pipes to the connect with the radiator system, in fact all that was in the narrowboat kit from Webasco. All neatly fitted and working perfectly....thank you Steve.

The other problem with the 12v domestic seems to be sorted, the domestic  isolator switch has melted and has now been replaced by Steve.  The led  flashing showing at the back of the freezer has stopped telling us it has a low voltage.  The lights have stopped flickering too. Fingers crossed  the freezer will get cold! 

We're currently moored at Middlewich not in the same place as last night where we had Radio 2 from another boat all night long. We didn't need to set the alarm as we heard the 8 o'clock pips on Radio 2. 

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