Saturday, July 30, 2016

Down The Monty

Waiting at the top of Frankton locks

Waiting in the pound below the staircase locks
On Friday we escaped the marina and headed up the Prees Branch, Eric boating and Ben and I walking to lift the bridge. Back onboard and a left turn at the top. Extremely busy with lines  of boats heading in the other direction. A few rain showers too but we enjoyed ourselves. At Ellesmere we were lucky to find  a mooring down the Ellesmere Arm so we get some fresh bread and milk before our trip down the Monty. Moving on later for a bit of peace and quiet in the countryside we found a mooring about an hour away from Frankton Junction.

I had arranged travel down on Sunday and up the locks on Wednesday but rang to change it to today once I found the Saturday and Sunday phone number online. All sorted and we arrived to be number three in the four boats going down. Time for a chat while we waited for midday when we started going down the locks. We're moored on the 48 hour Weston Arm moorings......the Grand Prix is on tomorrow.

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