Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Service With A Smile

Today we had the 500 hour service at Whixall Marina on our new engine, so we're ready to go out again for a little trip to Middlewich and back.Service with a smile from Chris Jones, an experienced Beta engineer. He checked our 12 volt electrics while he was in the engine hole and found nothing wrong so it must be a dead freezer. When we get to  Middlewich the dead Mikuni is being replaced with a Webasco, we hope we get service with a smile there too.

At the moment the rain is pouring down, but Ben and I had a walk before it started. A trip to Sainsbury's in Whitchurch by car ready for our trip. Ben the dog came too for the ride. We're currently being thoroughly lazy watching TV while the tea cooks itself in the oven......a chinese take away from Sainsbury's.

On Thursday we're meeting Liz and Nick in Wrenbury for a meal at the Cotton Arms, it'll be nice to catch up. Politics will be off the menu!  Desserts are on the menu!

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