Thursday, June 02, 2016

Norbury Junction And Shebdon Wharf

The telegraph pole in the bridge (39)

Surrounded by anglers at Little Onn we decided to move on rather than disturb their peace and quiet running the engine and sanding the roof. We ended up at the far end of Norbury Visitor Moorings where Eric sanded another section ready to paint. Due to the Hawthorn petal snowstorm it wasn't a place you could paint.

This morning we topped up the water at Norbury Junction, I walked on with Ben the dog and Eric picked us up at the telegraph pole bridge (39) at the start of Grub Street Cutting which is usually pretty wet underfoot. A lovely day for cruising but we pulled in at Shebdon Wharf Visitor Moorings to get a bit of roof painting done. The pub called ' The Wharf Inn' which was  below the canal embankment is now a private house. 

I popped over to see Tony Saunders of Bethsaida Covers via the road under the canal. We'd like a new cover once the boat is repainted next April. The one we have was badly damaged  and repaired with lots of gorilla tape, when we were towed to Streethay last year with engine problems. He's happy to come to us at Whixall in the new year. 

We can't wait to see Sue and Vic's new widebeam boat pictures, being launched very soon.......they must be excited too!  Follow the Link to their website.

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