Monday, June 20, 2016

More Drips Inside And Outside

Since we came back to Whixall its done nothing but rain and we've had more drips inside the boat coming from the chimney seal. Eric's managed to seal it again once the rain stopped for a short time, balancing precariously on the gunnel.  The  big black umbrella has been getting plenty of use taking Ben for walks too. The swan family in the marina have increased from two adults plus eggs to two adults and nine large cygnets in the six weeks we've been out cruising. I've not seen that many cygnets before and they don't mind the rain.

The freezer under the bed is still showing a red flash  from the LED saying it's a low voltage fault so we'll have to get the battery isolator checked because that's what it was last time it happened. The isolator switch was faulty and wasn't allowing all the power through.

Nothing particularly interesting going on other than a few trips out in the car. It feels so fast after the steady slow pace of canal boat travel. We've been to Ellesmere walking by the lake where it managed to stay dry for an hour and to Llangollen which was very busy at the weekend. Ben didn't cope well with the noises in Llangollen, the steam train blowing it's whistle and some noisy motorbikes but we went for a walk alongside the River Dee  before popping into Wrexham for a few bits and pieces in Wilko including fly killer for a persistent fly. Eric improvised with Mr Sheen spray which  stops them flying away but  I'll have to give him a cloth to finish the polishing.

NB Lacewing has been found tied up further along the Llangollen Canal, it had come loose from it's mooring and perhaps it travelled with the flow? The owners must be delighted it's ok.

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