Thursday, June 16, 2016

Have You Seen NB Lacewing?

Currently sitting in Whixall Marina, Eric's had to reseal the mushroom vents and the chimney as the heavy rain found a way in........and dripped on him!

Just heard that NB Lacewing has been stolen from Lion Quays on the Llangollen Canal, it's green, red and cream. I hope it's spotted soon.

We left Wrenbury on Monday but didn't get far as we stopped near Marbury as it was hammering down with rain. The next day we worked through ten locks to take us to the top of Grindley Brook before the rain came down again.

Yesterday we had just lift bridges to work through and  then we were back, reconnected to shoreline. First stop the laundry to get the accumulated washing done. Eric took the car for a ride to Whitchurch as it hadn't been anywhere for six weeks.

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