Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Few Days Cruising

This morning we woke to sunshine so decided to unplug the shoreline, top up with fuel and leave Whixall Marina for a few days.Our fuel 60/40 split at 94p a litre from the diesel pump operated by a card but better than Blackwater where it was £1.29 for the same split.Just one lift bridge on the Prees Arm to get through as Stark's Bridge is currently open for boating but closed to walkers and then just cruising. Ben and I walked for a bit with the boat, hopping back onboard at a bridge hole.

Cruising in the sunshine was lovely with a breeze from the movement of the boat, so much nicer than going out in the car when it's hot although it has got air-con. Lots of boats on the move, quite chaotic around Ellesmere and nowhere to moor so we continued to the visitor moorings past the turning circle past Ellesmere. Soon these moorings filled up too.  It's nice to be attached to a canal bank with green grass and hedgerows rather than a pontoon.

nice and cool in Ellesmere Tunnel

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