Wednesday, May 11, 2016

White Water At Tyrley Locks

Approaching Lock Tyrley  Lock 1.. White water!

The other boat is stuck aground due to the bywashes below Lock2

Going up......Tyrley Lock 2

NB Bendigedig pulling the other boat  backwards

Approaching Tyrley Lock3

The bywashes on the bottom two locks at Tyrley were fierce today and one boater got into trouble leaving Lock 2 when he ran aground on the offside. Eric passed him a rope and went into the lock pulled him backwards into the mouth of the lock so he could straighten up and then go ahead with a bit of welly to the next lock. We  were lucky today as all the locks were empty and we only had to open the bottom gates. At the top lock we dropped off a bag of rubbish at the services. There are also recycling facilities here.

Woodseaves cutting was a lot drier than usual for walkers, with a new gravel towpath along a good bit of the way.  We didn't stop at Goldstone Wharf  but went on to the next visitor moorings, although we had a put a tyre down to help stop the banging when another boat  passes.  So we're all on our own this afternoon.....but we don't mind.

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