Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Washing Done, To Tixall Wide

 A view from our boat while moored near Great Haywood

As the Travel Power needs at least 1200 revs to run correctly I put the washing machine before we moved, putting it on pause at the rinses while we did one lock and headed to the waterpoint at Haywood Junction. The washing machine continued on it's cycle while we filled up with water. It finished before the water tank was full and nobody else was waiting for water.  Other tanks emptied, rubbish disposed off and we were ready to cruise as far as Tixall Wide. 

Eric reversed back from the waterpoint to make the turn to take us onto the Staffs and Worcester Canal to Tixall Wide. Lovely today as there wasn't a wind, just sunshine.

A quick pop to the Canalside  Farm Shop for lovely home grown strawberries,  there's more for you money if you don't mind the less than perfect shapes ......they all taste the same. There's also a butcher in the shop and a Canalside Cafe and a large greenhouse with seasonal  plants for sale.

A Grebe on Tixall Wide

Ducklings galore!

We've been watching the wildlife Coots, Grebes, Canada Geese, Swans and ducklings with their mum so far. Eric took some photos. Early this morning the Wide looked spectacular with mist hanging above the water, my photo didn't come out due to mist on the lens.

Eric dreams! he loves the old boats.

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