Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tixall Wide To Acton Trussell To Gailey

Polishing the otherside!

We left the peace of Tixall Wide  and cruised towards Radford Bank for a stop and shop at the new Aldi which has opened not far away from the canal where the garage used to be. Shopping done we were on our away to work through Deptmoor Lock and moor a little further on before Acton Trussell for a couple of nights.

Eric wanted to get the otherside of the boat polished and rub down a bit more roof to give it some coats of paint to tidy it up. We're thinking of a repaint next year so we're not that fussy about the finish on the roof as it'll all be coming off. 

Today we worked through the locks to get to Penkridge but no room to moor so we continued on to a couple of locks below Gailey. Walking the dogs and I spy a lovely boat I recognise......NB Yarwood..... Lesley and Joe came out with their black labs for a chat. Ben and Poppy weren't bothered by the big chaps. Lovely to see you both again and your dogs.

We've been looking at all the colour schemes on everyone's boats wondering about changing our blue boat to another colour. At present the colours changing from matt blue to shiny blue, here's a photograph.

look at the difference!

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