Sunday, May 15, 2016

Poppy Comes To Stay Onboard

Eric's chair is comfy.....I like sleeping here!
Yesterday we moved just a few miles to Gnosall  as we were expecting visitors and 'The Boat Inn' was a good place to find with the help of satellite navigation. Before they came we went shopping at The Bakery and found some lovely pasties for lunch. Ben the dog was pleased to see Poppy, Clare and Ben and so were we. She brought some balls with her so now it's avoid the balls as you walk in the boat.

When Clare and Ben left we moved a bit further along the Shroppie and moored near Bridge 24 where we knew and it was nice and open and we could get into the side to moor up. Later four other boats pulled in, so we weren't on our own. Last night Ben stretched out on the sofa for the night and Poppy was OK because she fits on the chair.

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