Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On The Staffs And Worcester Canal

Leaving Calf Heath

The Round House at Gailey
Just an hour cruising on Tuesday to moor up for shopping at Morrison's in Pendeford. It's a ten minute walk through the little park to Blagdon Road where there is an underpass under the busy road. We had lunch before the worked through the lock at Autherley Junction, then a left turn towards Great Haywood. Dredgers busy on the offside but no holdups and no waiting at the narrows called Pendeford Rockin by the old boatmen. We moored up near Calf Heath as our usual spot by Bridge 74 was full.

This morning Poppy had me up at 7am to go out for wee and a poo. so Ben the dog went out too even though it was raining hard. Who needs an alarm clock? I called them back in and went back to sleep waking two hours later. Today we planned to get to Penkridge or Acton Trussell, which meant loads of locks. We couldn't stop at Penkridge so ended up at Acton Trussell, one of the places far enough away from the noise of the M6 motorway. Of course the sun's out now we've stopped!

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