Tuesday, May 10, 2016

No Cruising Today, Rain All Day

We decided to stay put and have a non cruising day as the weather was wet. After breakfast we walked into town in light rain with Ben the dog as Eric needed a haircut.  We also got some food  shopping  in Morrison's and walked back to the boat in heavy rain. Ben was soon dried off with a towel and our coats soon dried too.

The weather got steadily worse during the afternoon, but boats are still going past! We had  a lazy afternoon once Eric had adjusted the oil gauge. It was beeping on tick over which was irritating to say the least. The Beta 43 manual troubleshooting  was helpful  and told us what to do, hopefully the problem is sorted. We had this happen before with our previous Beta 43 and an engineer moved the red area on the gauge as it was set too high.

For tea we had the pork sausages from Adderley Farm Shop........delicious! Mashed potatoes from Morrison's as I was feeling lazy.  I was a proper granny  with my shopping trolley today, but it makes shopping easier.

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