Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Grindley Brook To Wrenbury.....Ten Locks!

Leaving Whitchurch Visitor Moorings
Ben the dog and I walked down to Grindley Brook leaving Eric untie the boat and follow on behind us. The sun was shining and warm enough for Eric not to have his coat on, although we did see lots of boaters well wrapped up. The two lock keepers on the staircase had the top gates of the staircase open for us as we approached, they hadn't seen a boat for an hour so they'd been gardening.

Grindley Brook staircase done

Three single locks to do

A grey wagtail at the locks

Going down

Grindley Brook bottom lock

Bluebells in the wood.....Eric's photo
We were very lucky as the locks were ready for us apart from raising the water level slightly to open the top gates for the rest of the locks at Grindley Brook. For me it was a mixture of walking and cruising with Ben the dog with four more locks to take us to Wrenbury where we moored at the end of the Visitor moorings before the electric lift bridge. The bluebell wood we passed after Marbury Lock was beautiful with a lovely smells as we passed by. Great to be cruising......we've all had a lovely day.

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