Friday, May 06, 2016

Going Down The Hurleston Flight

Hurleston Top Lock (Lock 1)

Going down Lock  2
I am suitably cooked today from the sunshine walking the dog to Hurleston Locks. Factor 50 sun protection on otherwise I fry.  Eric stopped at the top of the locks to fill up with water, empty cassettes and get rid of the rubbish. No recycling facilities here! there were two lock keepers working, one at the top lock and one at the bottom lock which was a great. They actually helped by winding paddles, filling locks and opening gates. All the boat traffic was going downhill today and then we turned right heading for Nantwich, I hope there's room for us.

Before the aqueduct was full but we found a space after it. A quick chat with Sue off NB Barney then  my plan was to walk into town along Welsh Row and find a hairdresser to get a haircut. Eric and Ben came too. We did a bit of shopping.....just a rucksack full of fresh stuff, as It's too far to carry heavy bags.

Back onboard Ben is fast asleep and I need a quick shower to get rid of the itchyness from the haircut. Enjoy the rest of your day, we've had a lovely day.

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