Saturday, May 07, 2016

Five More Locks To Audlem

Moored near The Shroppie Fly

Behind the trees is Audlem Mill

Ben the dog woke me up at eight this morning so I had to frighten the locals in my dressing gown, he needed a wee! Later Eric woke and we had breakfast while the water heated up to have a  shower, I did a quick wash in the machine while the engine was running. We've been told the Travel Power needs at least 1200 revs to give us 240v and that's not always possible when cruising. Also meant I could use the coffee maker. Judith and John on NB Serena passed us by on the Nantwich Embankment. Hello to you, nice to  put a face to a name.

Ben and I walked for a bit but once the noise from the Clay Pigeon Shooting started he  wanted to be back on the boat. Another lovely day with lots of boats at Hack Green Locks but it didn't take long to get through as we were helping each other. We cruised past Overwater Marina and approached Lock 15 of the Audlem Flight to find the gates open ready for us. Three locks up and we stopped near The Shroppie Fly and Audlem Mill, not the quietest of places but I wasn't doing any more locks today.

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