Thursday, May 05, 2016

Five Locks And Two Lift Bridges Later

Wrenbury Mill
We left our mooring  before the Wrenbury Electric Lift bridge, Ben and I went ahead to open the bridge for us to go through. By the time I closed it half a dozen cars were patiently waiting. We walked down to the next lift bridge and  opened that using the windlass. The ice-cream boat was coming the other way so we let them through too and they were pleased about that. The weather's lovely today and Eric has even taken off his jumper!

Eric's taken his jumper must be warm!

Approaching one of Baddiley Locks

Having a rest at Swanley Locks
Ben and I  enjoyed the walking although some sections were very muddy. Hello to the young man who  left the lock gates open for us, nice to know somebody reads my blog. Relaxing now at Bridge 5.....we really aren't used to all this exercise........even Ben's out cold!

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