Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Escape From Whixall Marina


Just a few photographs as we escaped Whixall Marina for a cruise, the water movement is from our boat. We filled up with fuel at the card operated pump and  then away we went......fingers crossed for some nice weather.

Just through the first bridge.
Ben and I got off the boat at the first  bridge to walk ahead to open the lift bridge. Only one to do on the Prees Branch as Stark's Bridge needs repairing by Shropshire County Council. Luckily they organised for the platform to be lifted by crane so the boats aren't stuck in the marina. It's only a foot bridge  so I wonder how long it'll take to fix it.

Stark's Bridge platform has been lifted off by crane.

Cruising on the Prees Branch

NB Bendigedig at Prees Junction turning right!
Ben and I walked as far the next lift bridge by the old scrap yard and Eric brought the boat to the bank for Ben and I to get on-board then he lifted the bridge while I steered it through.  Four lift bridges later we moored up just past the Whitchurch Lift bridge. Time to chill!

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