Monday, May 30, 2016

Back On The Shroppie

Taking the turn at Autherley Junction
We left Coven and headed towards Autherley Junction. Soon we were through the narrows called 'The Rockins' by the old boaters, at Pendeford where we were lucky as we had no boats going the other way.

At Autherley Junction just one boat ahead of us and then it was our turn to make a right turn to take us back on the Shroppie. There's just a stop lock to go through, and a chance to get rid of the rubbish and recycling before passing the boatyard to moor up at the water point.

While Eric filled the boat up with water I went to get some shopping at Morrison's, Pendeford with my granny shopping trolley.  Eric had moved to moor by the bridge until I came back and then we were on our way to moor at Bridge 8. Last time we stopped here there were bird scarers going off but this time it's lovely and peaceful.

It's great to see lots of boats on the move. Good not to be stuck in a traffic jam somewhere either.

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