Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Turn Around, Back To Great Haywood

NB Bendigedig winding near Rugeley
We moored at Rugeley  at the railway bridge end thinking we wouldn't be disturbed by the youngsters who sometimes hang about under the humped back bridge near Tesco's. But we had hassle from two lads on a quad bike speeding along the towpath with little regard for me or the dogs on the towpath outside the boat.  luckily they were on leads so I could get them out of the way quickly. Once we were back on the boat they repeatedly went past the boat at speed making hand gestures until it got dark and started to rain. Not many boats moored in Rugeley......perhaps that's why! 

This morning we turned around and we'll slowly head north back the way we came as we have a boat roof to paint, it's in need of lots of tender loving care. Poppy is still with us and she's been a very good girl. We walked with Ben the dog this morning, getting back onboard just as it started raining. Just Colwich Lock to do today and we moored before Great Haywood with views of Shugborough Hall and it's estate. Rather windy here but now the sun is shining so happy days!

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