Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Cruise Through Wheaton Aston To Little Onn

Up this morning to sunshine, the grass is very long next to the moored boats  on these visitor moorings.  I suppose they can't do it if boats are moored and it's usually full here. By the time we were ready to go most of the other boats had gone.

We finally got around to registering to vote encouraged by the CaRT's newsletter that it could be done online if you  have a home mooring. Hopefully Shropshire Council will add us to the electoral roll so we can vote in the referendum. It has to be done by 7th of June. 

We popped into Brewood to post some letters and pick up some  filled rolls for lunch.  We continued on our way through the lovely green cuttings  and then just one lock to work through. We stopped at the services to empty the cassettes and get rid of the rubbish and recycling.

Just under the bridge and we pulled into Turners for fuel, it took 93 litres and much cheaper than Whixall with its 60/40. An hour later we were putting in the pins near Little Onn, nobody used to stop there but today there were three boats already there.  It's one of those places where it's not too shallow and there's no Shroppie shelf.

The sun's gone in ......are we going to get the forecasted bad weather? Batten down the hatches!

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