Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stitches Out.......Bump Free!

On Tuesday we drove down to Newport with hail, snow and rain on the way. We stopped at Queenswood Country Park on the way down as it's a good place to walk the dog, get  good takeaway food and drinks as well as nice clean toilets too. It used to be free to park but it's a pound for an hour, so it's still a good place to stop. Today Ben was rather surprised by a snow storm as we walked in the park.

Traffic was busy coming down the A49 and we followed a heavy load unable to pass it with all the traffic, luckily it turned off before Hereford. Eric and I popped to Shepherd's Fish and Chip shop at Maesglas to get fish and chips for four, very nice too. Still hot as it's served in  cardboard boxes and well wrapped too. With the added bonus of no washing up either.

On Wednesday we took Ben for a walk and did a bit of shopping before my appointment to have the seven stitches taken out of my scalp. Glad that's over and looking forward to a haircut  when I don't have to make sure the bumps don't show. At the moment it's too tender for a haircut. In the afternoon we had a mammoth visiting session, going to see Eric's sister  Paula,  daughter Sally and then  daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwen. Scarlett our other grandaughter slept through our visit but we'll see them all soon.

Today we  had a quieter day, just dog walking and a trip into Newport to get a few things.We still haven't got our prescriptions as I need a blood pressure check and blood tests before I can my three months prescriptions. Eric also needs a visit to the doctor for a review. Hopefully we'll get it sorted tomorrow  and we can go home to the boat. We want to go boating!!

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