Thursday, April 14, 2016

To Newport And Back Again

We've lots more candles on her birthday party cake

Lots of puff needed for this cake

Gwen's first cake on her birthday

Scarlett enjoying her chocolate with mum Sally

We are back on the boat now after a busy week in Newport with our family. We stayed with Clare and Ben, thanks for letting us stay again. Poppy their collie enjoyed coming for walks with Ben the dog.

We visited Tredegar House to walk the dogs in the grounds several times but the children's park is not much fun anymore with just a few swings and climbing frames remaining.  The play area at Llantarnum is amazing with zip wires and lovely new climbing frames, so Gwen had more fun there before the rain came down. 

We walked Gwen's legs off in Penarth as well as mine but it was a lovely day. Ben the dog had a big drink of water when we got back to the car. Of course we had to sample the ice creams as the sun was shining. 

On Friday we had cake for Gwen's eighth birthday and Sally and grandaughter Scarlett came to visit Gwen and Lisa. Scarlett enjoyed unwrapping the contents of the carrot shaped box and sampling the chocolate with a little help from her mum. Gwen and her friend Lily kept us entertained while Ben the dog stretched out and went to sleep. 

Just one candle on her cake at home but lots on her party cake at the Riverfront in Newport, where she needed more puff. She had a dance party where her friends had a session with a dance teacher and performed the routine for the parents followed by a very good buffet with birthday cake.

Since we've been back we've been on a few car trips to Llangollen with Ben the dog and Shrewsbury where we had a bit of retail therapy in M&S while Ben stayed onboard. I treated myself to some new underwear (picture Eric hanging around lingerie section of M&S holding  underwear I'd chosen, he didn't mind!) and a new dressing gown. He was very patient while I tried some stuff on,  so we went to the men's dept and he had some new trousers.

Today we're going mudlarking along the towpath with Ben the dog......such fun!

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