Friday, March 18, 2016

Into Llangollen

Just the narrows to do before Llangollen Visitor Moorings, so I walked ahead with Liz, Connie and Ben the dog. Quite a slow walk due to all the sniffs and wees from the dogs. A day boat went through and then Eric was next coming towards Llangollen. We had the choice of moorings and by the evening we were ' billy no mates' as the two other boats had either gone up to the mooring basin or left Llangollen. A very quiet night!

We had lunch out with Nick and Liz in the Bridge End, very nice too. I sampled the pasta bake while the others had steak or gammon. Too full for puddings and we did a bit of shopping before returning to hear Ben barking.......perhaps he scared off the other boaters!  We managed to find the dot in the sky for a satellite signal but it wasn't that good so if we moved around too much it pixellated.

This morning we're enjoying hot showers without running the engine due to the electricity. Ben had me up early but Eric had a lie in. Off for a walk after a late breakfast and the sun is shining. It's going to be a lovely day.

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Tom and Jan said...

You should have hidden the umbrella in one of his orifices and let him wake up constipated!