Sunday, March 13, 2016

Escaped From Whixall!

After a few days catching up with the washing, we've finally escaped from the marina and gone up the Prees Branch and turned left. The first exercise session was opening and closing the two lift bridges accompanied by Ben the dog.I was glad of the long handled windlass as the bridge nearer to the top of the arm is very stiff although it winds down quite easily. I got back on the boat as my knee was giving me pain as well as the burning pain in one foot......I'm a wreck! Ben's walk would happen later in the day when the painkillers have time to work.

It was great to be out in the sunshine and slowly travelling along the canal by boat.  A few boats on the move and lots of walkers on the towpath the nearer we got to Ellesmere. We moored up on the Ellesmere Arm and  Eric found the dot in the sky to watch the rugby while I took Ben for a walk. Ben actually had a run in the green space opposite the arm and he didn't end up in a heap although he veers sideways  as he runs.

Back on the boat I put some vegetables and beef in the oven to roast, while I relaxed. Ben is chilling,  fast asleep in front of the fire. It's a hard life! After being in the marina it's lovely to have a different view out of the windows.

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