Monday, March 14, 2016

Ellesmere To New Marton In Sunshine

Reflections at Ellesmere

A very quiet night on the Ellesmere Arm and we woke to another sunny day. We'd let the fire go out overnight as Eric wanted to sweep the chimney when the towpath was on the left hand side.We put the heating on for an hour to boost the hot water to have a couple of showers. 

After breakfast we took Ben for a walk, getting milk and a paper on the way back. Then we decided to move and enjoy boating in the sunshine. I took the photo as Eric turned the boat at the end of the arm. We pulled in at the services to get rid of recycling and rubbish. We didn't bother to get water as it's so slow there. Of four water points only two were working and one of those was  just dribbling. Considering it's Cart's maintenance yard you'd think they'd be working properly.

A pleasant cruise stopping some distance  away from New Marton locks. We had one water skiing boater go past obviously oblivious to the idea of going slow, making us rock and roll in fact he was so close I thought he was going to hit us.The next Black Prince boat went past slowly and moored up further down the canal.

First job was sweeping the chimney and relighting the fire and the smoke now goes up the chimney instead of into the boat every time you opened the door of the stove. A cuppa and a lazy afternoon followed for us and Ben the dog.

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