Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bumps In The Night!

A view of Castell Dinas Bran
Our peaceful night's sleep was disturbed at 3am by bumps in the night. Someone stepped on the back of the boat and banged against the back doors. Obviously intoxicated... I could smell beer! Eric  tried to open the back doors and met resistance so he went out with Ben the dog to find a man trying the next boat. He must have moved sharpish after he tried to come in through the unbolted back doors and  I poked him with the gents umbrella we keep on the back of the boat and told him to go find his boat! Obviously very drunk ......mixed up which boat he was on.  Ben had a few growls  not that the man noticed. Eric knocked the window of the other boat so they let him in. He must have  been celebrating the Welsh rugby win as they were from Caerphilly in South Wales. 

We had a cuppa and then went back to sleep. A rather sheepish face this morning as he apologised,  he obviously didn't remember me and the umbrella.

A lovely sunny day today, so our walk with Ben was very pleasant indeed. I love to see  the hills  and walk up to the top where Castell Dinas Bran sits but my knee isn't up to the climbs at the moment. Very busy here today with cyclists, walkers and dog walkers streaming along the towpath. Very few cyclists dismount as the signs but that's nothing new. The canal itself is busy too with boats moored up on the Visitor Moorings, so we're not 'billy no mates' anymore.

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