Thursday, February 04, 2016

Moored At Whixall Marina

Well the months seem to be flying by, February already. We've spent the last week not feeling so good, Eric has a chest infection and I just have an annoying cough. He has antibiotics and should be feeling better soon. I invarably get a cough in the winter as I have asthma, roll on the better weather. It's been hot drinks and keeping cosy, although I still have to walk the dog but fresh air is supposed to do you good!

Yesterday we went for a ride in the car just to get out of the boat and ended up at McDonalds for a take out. Ben had a bit of my cheeseburger, which was just what I fancied, as he came too.  Thinking of food we had an amazing Sunday lunch at Sun Trevor last Sunday, the roast beef was delicious as was the desserts. Highly recommended £12.95 for two courses.

I've been online looking for a new mattress for our bed found Made2measure based in Stafford and contacted them about a split mattress for a 150 x 90 bed. They emailed straight back with a price and message  it'll be ready in 5-7 days once I put in the order. Last time we had a foam topped pocket spring mattress which needs replacing, so we are having a memory foam topped foam mattress.....I hope I'm not disappointed.

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Judith Emery said...

Be interesting to see how you find it. We are in need of a new matress and can't decide although our son swears by memory foam.
Judith and John nb Serena