Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Eric

Yesterday we took Ben for a nice long walk and decided to go out without him. He hates being left hone alone and we listened as he barked as we walked to the marina car park feeling guillty. We decided to go to the mill at Audlem as I fancied getting a cross stitch kit but they were shut. Nevermind as we're close we'll go and have lunch in the Cotton Mill in Wrenbury, you've guessed they were closed!  We ended up at the Dog and Bull in Coton not far from the marina,  Eric had fish and chips while I had the smaller portion of ham, egg and chips. I was so glad I chose the smaller portion as there was plenty on the plate and no room for dessert either, so we just had coffees before going back to find a dog fast asleep on the sofa.

Today is Eric's birthday and I made him a cake but it wasn't up to Mary Berry's standard although I used one of her recipes, but I'm sure it'll taste ok. I'll have to limit the candles or the fire alarms will go off! Happy Birthday to my other half, he's my best friend as well as my husband of 45 years and I love him to bits.

Our selfie!

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