Monday, February 15, 2016

Half Term Visitors

On Saturday we came back to the boat with extra bodies in the car, daughter Lisa and granddaughter Gwen came to stay. On the way back we had to get some food as we nothing on-board for tea and no fresh food either. The Coop provided cottage pies which made tea a quick and easy meal . I booked Sunday lunch at 'The Cotton Arms' for the four of us and it was delicious as usual. The chocolate puddings with melt in the middle chocolate were delicious too. Gwen has an excellent pudding tummy so found room for chocolate pudding.

Gwen came with me dog walking on the Prees Branch or should I saw mud larking and Gwen's wellies were muddier than Ben's feet. He managed to say fairly clean. I took some photographs and Gwen took one of me so I'll share them if blogger will let me, it can be temperamental. Today they uploaded.

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