Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Week's Gone By

I enjoy reading other peoples blogs but lately there's nothing really interesting going on on NB Bendigedig so apologies in advance for boring you. It's been a quiet week on board with the boat to ourselves after our half term visitors. Our dog walks have been muddy treks along the towpath and quiet country lanes to make circular routes. We've also done the usual walks in Ellesmere wrapped up against the cold wind. Whixall is usually windy so that's nothing new.

Our new mattress arrived early, ordered on Thursday and it arrived on Monday but unfortunately the person making it didn't check the sizes. We ordered 120 x190 and 30 x190 cms and ended up with120 x 90 and 30 x 190 cms although the correct size was on the parcel label. As the mattress's were vacuum packed we opened it and watched them expand and realised their mistake. But one phone call and the incorrect size mattress was replaced with no fuss.  It was the manufacturers mistake.....must have been a Friday afternoon moment. The new mattress is due tomorrow morning in a three hour slot, so fingers crossed. Another boater is making use of the small mattress as they didn't want the bother of taking it back.

Yesterday was my birthday 66 years young! We went shopping in Wrexham although I only bought a long sleeved T shirt and a bunch of yellow roses. We had lunch out in the fish and chip cafe near the bus station as it's always delicious. I also has a haircut at 'Hair At No. 4' in King Street where Carole always cuts it how I like it......short! Thanks for the birthday cards, phone calls and texts I received. Eric said it was a cheap birthday but there was nothing I really wanted or needed. 

We did the food shopping and Eric got the car hand washed in Tesco car park. He tried very hard to avoid the mud on the way back to Whixall to keep it as clean as possible. It doesn't stay clean long in the country lanes......too many muddy tractors and puddles. We did have an unexpected car wash one morning when we crossed a shallow flood on a road into Whitchurch. A little Fiat went through so we knew we'd be OK in the centre of the road.

Just gritted the pontoon as it's slippery when it's frosty, we're lucky as it's only a short stretch to hit grass so Ben can have a wee!  We always have a short walk out of the marina and up the lane first thing in the morning and then go out later for a longer walk. Ben's currently snoozing on the's a hard life !  Enjoy your day, it may be cold but the sun is shining and it's not raining!


Sue said...

An very happy birthday for yesterday Elsie from Vic and Me xx

Hey, you are catching me up!!

Elsie said...

Thanks both. Lovely to read about your new boat. Just thinking time goes by so quickly!