Monday, January 25, 2016

A Visit To Llangollen

Today we went by car to Llangollen for a walk alongside the canal towards the Lift Bridge. This photograph is one taken on a sunnier day, today it was windy and quite dull. We got as far as the bench before the Lift Bridge and had five before turning round and walking back into town as that was as far as we could get Ben to walk. The wind was in our faces walking back so that it felt a little colder. We passed the boats moored on the winter moorings saying a quick hello to Nick and Liz on NB Henry. Their dog Connie came out to see Ben the dog.

In Llangollen we stopped at the little deli near the carpark and bought some filled floury baps which we ate by the River Dee. Watching the water rushing by with white water, it felt like being at the seaside.

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