Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Trip To Newport And A Happy Birthday

We knew we were iced in in Whixall Marina when we heard the unmistakeable noise as the boat moved when I got up to use the toilet in the early hours of Saturday. Ben was a bit freaked by the noise and came to sleep down the bedroom end of the boat. In the morning we decided to go and visit our family in Newport and leave the boat keeping warm with an electric radiator. A phone call to my daughter Clare to check it was OK to visit  and we packed a bag and off we went.

We felt like a change of scenery as we were fed up with all the rain and mud associated with living in the country. As we went southwards the temperature got a little higher which was a good thing. Considering it was a Saturday morning the traffic wasn't bad and we  made good time. We had a few stops, one in Craven Arms where there's a green area for Ben and a toilet for us. Clare and Ben's dog Poppy was delighted to see us and gave Ben the dog lots of licks.

While we were in Newport we took the dog to Tredegar Park where there is a pathway making dog walking mud free which made a pleasant change.  We stayed a few days giving us time to see all three of our daughters and their families. Lisa our youngest daughter celebrated her birthday yesterday.

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