Friday, January 08, 2016

A Few Photos At Last

Ben the dog on his long lead

Prees Junction

Eric and Ben going without me
No photos for an age because my phone camera's been misbehaving and the usb's on my laptop wouldn't play either. It's been slow then the mouse or touch pad won't react and it just froze up all the time. So I've got a new laptop with Windows 10 but it's very different so it's a learning curve. Luckily my Canon printer works with it so that saved some money.

We've been dog walking in various places and today it was a walk on the Mosses at Whixall. It wasn't as wet as I thought walking the peaty puddle filled tracks and Ben was a lot cleaner than on our towpath walks when he's been very muddy.

We've been out in the car to Penkridge to get some Elsan Blue and new elastic thingies for the cratch cover that ended up in the cut in the wind. On the way back we went to Stafford where we did a little shopping and had a McDonald's before heading back to Whixall.

Another day we did some shopping in  Ellesmere before walking by the Mere with Ben the dog. The park in Whitchurch was good for a change as there was no mud to walk in. In Wrexham we went to look at the laptops after we'd done the food shopping and bought one. It's good having a working laptop again.

  Roll on the warmer weather!

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