Saturday, December 05, 2015

A Very Windy Whixall

The months seem to be flying by this year, I don't believe it's the 5th of December already. Christmas starts for us with a Christmas Dinner at the Dog  and Bull with the boaters and staff of Whixall Marina. Staff on site consists of Andy so he'll be there. Lots of faces too that we rarely see as when the leisure boaters come they leave the marina straight away anxious to be away to make the most of their time afloat. 

Last night the gales started and battered and blew all right hopefully rocking us to sleep but it was so noisy the erar plugs came into play. This morning it's still very windy but everything's ok on the roof, nothing has managed to escape. Ben must be feeling a little better as he know gets on and off the boat himself which is good as he's not a light weight at 28 kilos. Since we changed the car he can also get in and out of the car as it's much lower and he's got more space to land on. He loves to be with us even if it means a car ride,as long as he sits down he's ok.

Yesterday we went for a trip to Llangollen, we know the way but had to try out our new Tom Tom satellite navigation which we bought as the car didn't have one and my sense of direction is not good to find anywhere. We had fun with Google Maps one day when the data failed in the midst of country lanes and we got lost! Eric alway says all roads lead to another and eventually we found a signpost. Anyway we are very pleased with it. 

We popped up to the see the Winter Moorers at Llangollen and found just three boats. CART have put up the price and reduced the number of spaces to five boats I think. Don't know why they limited the spaces when there's an empty mooring basin which could be used by visitors.  They'd make more money with ten boats even if it was still the cheaper rate we paid when we used to moor up there for the Winter. Sorry we missed you on NBHenry but the ducks were all onboard.

We're off to Newport tomorrow for dentist appointments ....oops I'd better remind my daughter we're coming.

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