Monday, November 16, 2015

Back In Newport

On Tuesday we made the trip to Leahurst with Ben the dog and we saw the lovely vet who treated him eighteen  months ago. He's now back on steroids and antibiotics which will hopefully  help. This time his balance and coordination is worse but he's not lost any weight so is not so ill. They've taken blood and we have to go back in four weeks. 

On Thursday we picked up our new car a Kia C'eed  and we're delighted with it as is Ben the dog because it's the flat boot estate version and it's not so far the jump in. As an ex demonstrator the price was good too. The Freelander demonstrated it's disgust when the rear window motor failed on the rear door and the radio wouldn't work either. As the Kia is an automatic it took a while to get used to not using a clutch but I'm converted it's so easy to drive.

Our first trip was down to Newport with the final house clearance to do as well as the dental checkups and picking up our prescriptions to keep us going for the next three months. I also made a start on the Christmas shopping using M&S website and the collect at store service. The items were boxed or bagged ready to be collected. It's definitely an easier way to do the shopping.

We've done the last tip run and charity shop trip run today so we're just waiting with fingers crossed for the house sale to go through without a hitch. It was weird seeing the house ready to sell, I felt a little sad too.


John Lane said...

It must be sad to say goodbye to your Dad's house, so many memories. My best memories are of Nan's Christmas parties, I always wondered why your Dad was never there when Santa arrived!

Elsie said...

Nan Lane giving us all Mars bars on Christmas morning springs to mind. Lots of memories of my parents too, as well as the cousins playing in the garden.