Thursday, November 26, 2015

Another Week's Gone By

Nothing much happening at Whixall Marina, it can be very quiet when the cold weather keeps people indoors other than dog owners of course. Ben has been making sure we get plenty of fresh air every few hours. In the morning we get up and do the dog walk although most days he has to be coaxed to keep him going. He doesn't mind having his tablets as long as they are wrapped in ham and when he sees me get them out he's there waiting. 

On Sunday we ended up doing a quick trip to Newport as Eric's eye was sore and needed to see a doctor. in Newport it's a walk in morning surgery so it was worth the drive and the overnight stay at our daughter Clare's house.  All sorted so we travelled back on Monday.

We've had a trip to Wrexham to finish off the Christmas shopping, we hope Ben didn't howl while we out! We also has fish and chips  as it just happened to be lunch time....very nice too. A month until Christmas  but before that we have dental appointments in Newport as I need a filling.

Today Eric's been busy repairing a broken wire on the Mikuni which meant it had no power. All fixed now and having a trial run, the radiators are toasty. The engine also had an hour's run too and this time no leaks. Just filled the water tank but we can't top up the diesel tank as the pump here at Whixal is still out of order. A lazy afternoon is on the cards. Ben is currently snoozing.

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